Starview International
Headquartered in Singapore, Starview International (SVI) designs, builds and markets a wide range of SVI branded Optical Networking products and accessories. SVI has created her own design and manufacturing systems to produce reliable and quality products, which have undergone stringent inspection in accordance to industry standard specifications

SVI’s product is distributed in countries such as South East Asia, Japan, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, USA and Brazil. SVI has a strong user reference list of customers, including major enterprises, telecommunication operators and datacentres. With technical support, SVI ensures excellent customer experience as well as after-sales support.

SVI products consist of Transceivers modules, STARPOD, STARTAP, STARMUX, Optical Patch Cables, attenuators, couplers and adapters.

SVI offers a wide variety of transceiver modules such as SFP, GBIC, SFP+, XFP, XENPAK, X2, QSFP+ and CFP. All of SVI transceiver modules comply with MSA standard and may also be coded with STARPOD (Starview Programmable Optical Device) to work seamlessly with the equipment of many leading network vendors. This makes it very flexible and efficient for the customers in the field to support various networking equipment with a common SVI transceiver module.

SVI also offers a wide range of optical accessories:

• STARTAP (Starview Tap) Modular networks tap solution to split the optical fiber with customized tap ratios for network monitoring purpose;
• STARMUX (Starview Multiplexer) SVI compact passive WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) to alleviate fiber congestion by using CWDM (Coarse WDM) technology to combine up to 16 applications of data rates ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps over a fiber pair. The OADM (Optical Add Drop Multiplexing) allows applications to add-drop along the CWDM optical path;
• SVI optical patch cables Pre-terminated in factory using bend-insensitive fiber to ensure reliable interconnection of the networking equipment;
• SVI optical accessories Attenuators, couplers and adapters ensure reliable network communications with optimum signal quality and performance.

SVI Customer Care portal provides support via hotline, web portal and email. With SVI trained engineers and personnel, customers can experience exceptional support when deploying SVI product range in their network.

SVI offers a wide range of Transceiver modules with leading-edge optical components, low cost and fast lead time. All SVI transceiver modules are pre-coded before delivery to ensure inter-operability with the vendors’ networking equipment, and equipped with DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) capabilities. The DDM features allow users to remotely monitor in real-time the transceiver receive optical power, transmitter optical power, laser bias current, transceiver input voltage and temperature. This function provides network manager an effective tool for implementing reliable performance monitoring of their networking devices.

SVI Transceivers are fully ROHS and MSA compliant, supports multiple network protocols to enable high speed voice, video and data communications. These applications can be used for Ethernet, Fiber Channel, 4G LTE, GPON and SONET/ SDH. SVI Transceivers are available to transmit data over Copper, Singlemode or Multimode fiber, with options to select such as transmission distances, wavelengths, power consumption and operating temperatures.

Further savings on OPEX (Operating Expenses) can be achieved with STARPOD. Using STARPOD, SVI transceiver modules are field reprogrammable to work with vendors’ network equipment. SVI ensures interoperability of the transceiver module with a certificate of compatibility and money back guarantee if the module does not work.
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